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City of Pass Christian
Job Description
Firefighter Recruit

Department: Fire FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
Date Revised: 04.11.2011 Date Approved:
EEO Class: Protective Services Worker Civil Service Position
Reports to: Fire Chief
Directly Supervises: Non-Supervisory

Position Overview
This is a probationary position in which the skills of firefighting work in combat, extinguishing and preventing fires are taught. Additional skills are taught including answering emergency calls, operation and maintenance of fire department equipment, apparatus and quarters.

Essential Job Function
Incumbents shall be required to have knowledge of but not limited to the following:
Perform as required, the physical agility test as required during the hiring procedure and State requirement.
Pass Civil Service Examination.
Pass Hazmat Awareness/Operations Class required by State.
Pass the 1001 training course required by the State.
Prior to being taken off probation incumbent must demonstrate a testable knowledge of the streets within the City of Pass Christian.
Incumbents will be attending all required training sessions.
Must attend a First Responder course when directed by the Fire Chief.
Must maintain hydrants, apparatus, quarters, buildings, equipment and grounds.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Must maintain current CPR training and certification.
Ability to grasp and follow directives.
Ability to perform physical training.
Knowledge of street locations within the City of Pass Christian.

Education and Experience
High School Diploma or G.E. D.

Department: Fire and Rescue
Status: Hourly, Full-Time, Benefits
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