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Name Department Phone
Betty Sparkman Board of Alderman 703-980-3376
Brad Manus Parks and Beautification 228-671-6539
Bret Bentz Sports and Recreation 228-216 9281
Cenica Barnes Sports and Recreation 228-343-7190
Charles Shoulders Sports and Recreation 228-216-6312
Daren Freeman Police Department Not Available
Dwight Gordon Emergency Management 228-452-3325
Dwight Gordon Fire and Rescue 228-452-3325
Ed Edwards Municipal Court Not Available
Gladys Desantis Senior Citizens 228-452-3314
J.W. Dedeaux Volunteer Fire Department 228-216-3753
Jennifer Lizana Harbor Not Available
John Pope Volunteer Fire Department 228-216-3210
Kenny Torgeson Board of Alderman 228-222-0670
Kirk Kimball Board of Alderman 228-574-7909
Kirk Ladner Public Works 228-452-3308
Lewie G. “Skip” Negrotto IV Municipal Court Not Available
Marie Lamb Senior Citizens 228-452-3314
Patti Schruff Fire and Rescue 228-452-3373
Regina Charlot Board of Alderman 228-547-2917
Russell Holliman Jr. Harbor 228-452-5128
Ryne Hand Municipal Court Not Available
Shane Bass Fire and Rescue 228-452-3325
Shawanda Dedeaux Sports and Recreation 228-669-4576
Susan Putnam Mayor 228-493-0269
Susie Young Police Department Not Available
Thomas Boswell Jr. Volunteer Fire Department 228-669-0533
Tina Dupree Municipal Court 228-452-3307
Tom Duffy Community Development and Code Enforcement 228-452-3316
Victor M. Pickich Board of Alderman 228-493-2568

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